Sunday, April 23, 2006

Call for Heavy Equipment....and other tidbits

"Jon - can you put the word out that we need some heavy equipment and operators? We still have folks that need demolition to clear the lots to make way for FEMA trailers. These are, in most cases, folks that have just returned and have missed the deadline to get help from the Army Corp (such as that help is). I know it’s not an easy request, but very few if any can afford to pay for demolition out of the insurance check or FEMA settlement and have anything left over with which to rebuild.

We are also still very light on volunteers for May - in most cases only 20 -30 volunteers a week - and there is so much to be done by July 1st.

It is hot, muggy and sunny here again today. I guess summer is coming whether we are ready for it or not. There is still no word on any procedures from the County for the coming storm season either...."

- Laurie Spaschak, Recovery & Resource Center

"By the way, we just finished a severe weather warning here in Pearlington - haven't seen rain like that since I was a youngster on the prairies! We moved all persons to Pearl*Mart to weather the storm and now begin the task of mucking out our own huts!! What's up with that?"

- Wilf Wityshyn, Presbyterian Disaster Relief


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