Sunday, January 21, 2007

A Dynamic Duo

I would like to welcome to our C.O.D.R.A. family, two new members whose inclusion is long overdue:

Susie Sharp is a remarkable woman in many ways, who has been there for her neighbors as much after Katrina as she always was before it. She has been my hostess in Pearlington since the early days, when I met her in the former ruins of her home. She has endured the loss of her husband Billy before Katrina, her brother Valerie because of Katrina and recently, her mother.

Yet, she has always been there for residents and volunteers alike, in their moments of trial. She has provided me a safe and private place in which to do my work and to take care of myself, as well as mobility, good food, fellowship and her unique insight and wisdom. She has even jeopardized her personal safety in mucking out houses that are beyond nasty (e.g. Lois Kelly’s) and been available to help when others are in need.

Susie is a true supporter of Pearlington and its people and now serves as Project Facilitator on some rebuilds in progress.

Thank you, Susie. I have decided to include you as a Founding Member of C.O.D.R.A., as my work in this area has been possible partly because of your many gifts of the spirit to this crazy Canadian you took into your home and heart.

Warren Tidwell is another exceptional young man doing what he can to assist Pearlington in its recovery. In a field of outstanding volunteer men operating in Pearlington, Warren takes his rightful place as a gentle, caring and loving person, whose heart is always open to the people of Pearlington and their plight.

Over the many months, Warren has written eloquently to me of how his experiences there have changed him and helped him grow. With my encouragement, Warren is now considering an education toward a career in Disaster Management and I know that there is hope for the future with a man like Warren on the job.

Thank you both for all you have given Pearlington. You both are shining examples of what one person can do.


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