Monday, May 01, 2006

Situation Update - Monday, May 1, 2006

It’s a beautiful, mostly sunny day in Pearlington - just what’s needed to dry up all the rain from last week. That Mississippi Mud could be used to build houses, man!

I hope you have checked out all the new links, located to the right of this panel.

I am asking for your prayers today for 15-year-old Dakota Jordan. The son of Ken and Sheila Jordan of Pearlington, Dakota is home recovering from surgery following a brain tumour. He apparently still has an abscess and Laurie and her crew, along with Bob Putnam, are scurrying to get him a hospital bed from Salvation Army and to get the tile and flooring down in their house so young Dakota doesn’t have to recuperate in the FEMA trailer.

Laurie will check to see if they have needs we can meet, but right now Dakota and his family need our prayers.


"I received an e-mail from George Green IV of Water Missions International. They plan to participate in the conference below:

Hello all volunteers from Faith Based Groups in Hancock County MS. I have learned about an upcoming invitation only conference in Baton Rouge LA on June 7. The title is: "Heralding Unheard Voices: The Role of Faith Based and Non-governmental Organizations During Disaster." It is sponsored by the Homeland Security Institute. For information or to register, e-mail the conference or call 703-416-8426. I have the forms on my computer and if you e-mail me I will then forward them to you by return e-mail."

Bob Britts


Tom Dalessandri and a small team from the Carbondale Katrina Relief project just completed yet another mission to Pearlington. Part of his report:

"We finished painting Debbie's (Sonnier) house last week. I haven't seen it since I had to leave early but I talked with her and Dan (my painter). It apparently looks great and she is very happy. Dan also painted the entire sanctuary at the First Southern Baptist Church. That’s the big brown brick church on 604. That was a big job but Dan gladly stepped up to the plate. I offered to do theirs because they have fed some of our people in the past....

I am preparing for the next trip sometime in the next two weeks. I have six seniors from CRMS coming down to work for 10 days, two ladies, one of which is donating a van (we may use it to help with a meals on wheels program), possibly a carpenter, and another group of about four adults. I'm hoping this will be a productive visit with plans to move closer with completing Debbie's interior. I need kitchen cabinets and a bathroom vanity for her place.

Can anyone help? If so, email me please."


I am working on a new initiative to help get skilled tradespeople to Pearlington for the rebuilding.


"Canada Jon" White


At Monday, 08 May, 2006, Anonymous Mississippi Laurie said...

An Update on Dakota.... We picked up the hospital bed last Thursday and Larry Randall and David Wake delivered it to the Jordan's yesterday (Sunday)afternoon. We were a bit worried when they kept Dakota a few days longer than expected but he came home yesterday evening and is expected to do just fine. Keep the family in your prayers... Laurie


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