Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Back in the Saddle....

I am still awaiting further updates from the ground in Pearlington, so let’s start here:

I have made some changes to the Pearlington Report Card blog, as well as this one, and will use it now to post reports from members of C.O.D.R.A. returning from work on the ground. This will allow others to see what you are accomplishing and answer the call to support your work on behalf of the people of Pearlington and offer help in the form of donations, time and labor.

Two reports have been issued today - please check them out at:

Nell Nation, of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Mississippi is putting out an urgent call for volunteers. Please contact Charles Holmes, on site in Pearlington, at 601-310-2323 for dates and what YOU can do to make a big difference!

This just in from Jennifer Johnson:

"The BRICK Layers of Huntsville, AL will be travelling to Pearlington, MS for their 15th mission trip. Joining us this time will be Trinity Methodist Church from Huntsville, Flint River Baptist Church from Hazel Green, AL, and Bill and Colleen’s group from Livingston, TN. We will meet up with Larry Charbonneau’s group from Houston, TX.

We will continue construction on over 20 homes as well as doing some landscaping. We hope to put the finishing touches on the Ladner house that we started building from the ground up in June. We will also be landscaping the entrance to the Oak Harbor Subdivision in memory of Capt. Harry Bell. We also hope to have a special time of praise and worship on the beach to thank God for all that He has blessed us with this past year."

C.O.D.R.A. would like to welcome today a new member of our Coalition: Felton Presbyterian Church Mississippi Team. Thanks to Brittany Overbeck for her efforts in spearheading the decision to join us and please check out their site at:

Also, one of our Founding Members, Tom Dalessandri and his colleagues and volunteers from Carbondale, CO have also slightly renamed their group and created a very beautiful web site.

Please check out The Pearlington Project: Mountains to Mississippi at:

John Chickering sends a link to a very interesting blog, by Mississippi Public Broadcasting:

And finally, on a very happy note, Laurie Spaschak at the Pearlington Recovery Center reports that: "Denise Swanson's daughter had a baby girl (2 months early) last Thursday, Sept 28th. Her name is Cadence Alexa and she is doing fine. She is small but healthy and Mom is doing very well, too."

More to come soon....

Thanks for being my Pearlington Family in our time of need for support and prayers.

God Bless,
Jon White


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