Thursday, August 17, 2006

Quiet in Pearlington

The anniversary of the storm approaches and things are relatively quiet in Pearlington.

Volunteers are somewhat scarce, I assume because of school starting, but in an ironic twist, there are materials available at the moment, yet not enough labor to use them. I have seen many e-mails across my desk in the past weeks indicating that many groups are coming for the fall and I look forward to seeing a busy hum of rebuilding activity starting again soon.

I’ve been informed that the Mississippi Governor’s Grants are going to be slow in coming. The first of them won’t hit the ground until late September and the balance could be as much as a year after that. If the people of Pearlington and elsewhere seek temporary solutions to get into a house, we are told that the grants may not be used to pay that back and in fact, will disqualify the homeowner. I continually struggle in my heart with the morality of political decisions that affect the very lives of the people, being made by those who have no intention of sharing the misery some of those decisions create.

So, onward Christian soldiers - and others. The task is upon us and we must not falter. There is still great heart and intention to get this job done, and so we will continue.


At Tuesday, 05 September, 2006, Blogger bluecat said...

I am continually dismayed and angered by the lack of honesty and compassion within our government relative to the dispatching of grants to the people who so desperately need them. I am tired of the continued misleading statements that make headlines suggesting "the checks are in the mail" and then a couple of weeks later another headline with the same smiling face of our governor stating "Checks not in the mail."
What is wrong with these people!" It sickens me to read and hear the rhetorical excuses of "paper work" and "verification" as reasons for "delays." I don't even live on the coast and it breaks my heart, I cannot imagine the tremendous emotional strain that so many of you are under because of the lack of guts, the lack of 'thinking outside the box, the lack of true compassion, empathy, and understanding relative to REAL people's NEEDS and that those needs are IMMEDIATE AND DEMAND RESPONSE NOW!
This government's "response" to Katrina in Pearlington is unconscionable and inexcusable. May those involved all be in the same boat someday.


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