Friday, August 04, 2006

Pieces of Pearlington

The group who yesterday began the task of cleaning Lois Kelly’s lot deserve some recognition, even though they have not asked for it. I do this to inspire all the residents of Pearlington - our brothers and sisters - to reach out to your neighbors in any way you are able, as they reach out to you.

This effort was spearheaded by Susie Sharp (of course!) and Nancy Semple. Susie reports:

"We got five rooms gutted out today and have three more tomorrow. It was a very hot day. We will start on the sheet rock after we finish with the debris. Nancy took pictures of before and after. Randy Turpin, Tommy Dawson, Gary Bell, Nancy and Miss Pat Wilson helped today. We did not have any trouble with anything [not even the spiders!]. We had the backhoe [Susie’s] and Tommy's truck to haul trash.

Nancy and I put up a tent first thing this morning to clean the carport off with plastic tubs full of what knots that the Kelly's had taken out of the house. Frank Cloud fogged the house early this morning."

It is also my understanding that Randy Turpin has rented a bush hog from his own funds, to facilitate today’s work. Thanks to all of you, for a wonderful job well done! Pictures to come....

Tidwell Storm Center Update:
"Storm taking a beating in very unfavorable conditions. Looks like most models have it going across Cuba so hopefully it will be weakened significantly by the time it reaches the gulf. Most models have it travelling well to the west of Pearlington at this point. The storm keeps fighting tooth and nail to stay alive so we still need to keep an eye on it. I'll be watching."

Laurie Spaschak at the Recovery Center reports:
"Thought you might like to have these numbers, based on volunteer registration forms:

  • 2,105 volunteers have come here to help since January 1st, 2006
  • The total estimated hours for these 2,105 volunteers since January is 75,604 hours

These numbers are for the Pearlington Recovery Center, Pearlington Mississippi. They do not include the PDA volunteers or those staying at Southern Baptist Church.

I am enclosing a picture of the revival that was at the Southern Baptist Church, sponsored by Dennis Flom's Hope Force group and including the Pearlington Churches as well.

Also a picture of Steve Burnsed putting the final nails into the hall bannister board at the top of his stairway. It was autographed on the underside by John Chickering's team, who had spent the week working on the house beforehand.

Here, too, is a picture of me and Victor Cimino - an 82 year old veteran and retired policeman who only just weeks ago finally got a trailer to live in. We had a team there cleaning up the lot and building him a shed. He and some neighbors cooked a fabulous shrimp boil for the group for lunch!
I also plan to get pictures of progress on some other houses that are near completion. Susie Necaise and family will be in their home very shortly; just flooring to put in and cabinets to hang and they are home! Steve Burnsed's and Pam White’s houses are also almost there. I am going to get windows for Michael Wheat’s place tomorrow. All are happy to share photos and thanks with us...."

"Where Y’all From" Update:

"If the states that have sent volunteers are the ones in bright orange than you definitely missed us! The Presbytery of Detroit, Michigan sent 45 people down to Pearlington in March. We are planning a return trip of 65 people in November. Many of us are addicted to keeping track of Pearlington and are regular readers of your blogs."
- Julie Smith

"Ollie Niemi from NH was in Pearlington from Feb 12 to Feb 23 working with One House At A Time. I know cause he came with me. So color NH in."
- John Livingston, Red Hook, NY

"You can add Wisconsin as I sent a group down after we returned. You could also add Switzerland as one who came with us was actually from there, and is back there now."
- Tom Eickhoff, MN

"Hi Jon! We were down in early June from Medina UMC. We loved it there, worked hard, want to go back.... "
- Doug Herr, OH

Come on, Kansas! Where you at?

Have a great day. Things are happenin’!
"Canada Jon"


At Friday, 04 August, 2006, Anonymous MissLaurie said...

Jon, A group from a small town (800 pop) in Vermont sent ag group last week to build a pavilion at the site of the new school for Pearligton and Lakeshore. They completed it and came out here with the principal for a visit - and an inspired young man named Seth who is a free-lance photojournalist stayed on and has been volunteering and working on a photographic essay here all week. He leaves color in Vermont as well...Laurie


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