Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Hot News!

Well, it’s 36 degrees Celsius here in southern Ontario today - hotter than in Pearlington. For our American friends (who haven’t yet joined the World Metric Community) that’s 97F. With the Humidex, it feels like 113F. That’s hot enough to fry enchiladas!

So much for the "Frozen North."

A Note from Laurie:

"We need volunteers!!!!!

We are almost empty for the rest of August and first half of September. I know school is starting again and all but I am afraid that folks will feel that we have given up helping if we have 3 weeks of no volunteers.

I have materials to rebuild with if you will come. We still need electricians, roofers and plumbers but we also have drywall to put up and finish. Please put the call out for anyone who can spare a couple days to please come and make a difference here...."

Let’s get on this, please!

After all. it’s cool in Pearlington....relatively speaking....

"Canada Jon"


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