Thursday, July 20, 2006

Flashes from P'Town

Only 38 more sleeps until the Reunion! If you haven't registered with me yet, please do it now!

You will notice a new link to the right: Making a Difference - Matching YOUR Resources to Need. It is your invitation to examine what you could contribute in resources and labor to Pearlington, then letting us match that up with an existing need. Please check it out....

Laurie Spaschak shares this:
The First Missionary Baptist church, where Jackie Acker and her colleagues have been serving those great southern lunches to volunteers, is coming down. It will be rebuilt on the same site and as close to original as possible. The folks were told Sunday at service....

Wendy Gerald sends this:
I'm sure you don't remember me, but I met you once briefly at Susie Sharp's place. I am with University Baptist Church in Hattiesburg, and I've been to Pearlington a few times this year, either with a church group or on my own to help Charles Holmes out a little.
A friend of mine came up with an idea for a fund raiser for Pearlington. She wants to participate in Blogathon 2006.

The idea is that we blog every thirty minutes continuously for 24 hours. Then we get people to sponsor us by donating money to the charity of our choice.

My friend who approached me about this wants the money to go to Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Mississippi or University Baptist Church. Because of my involvement in the church, I can report back to the people who supported us on how the money was spent.

SO: Please check out my new blog at

I'll be blogging there all day next Saturday, July 29, to raise money to help rebuild Pearlington. Please help spread the word. The money raised will go to the University Baptist Church Pearlington Recovery Fund. Donations of all sizes are accepted and appreciated.

Anyone who has seen Pearlington knows how much still needs to be done. For those who have not been able to see the devastation first hand, I'll be talking all day about what the needs are in Pearlington, what the combined efforts of UBC, CBF and other faith-based organizations have been able to accomplish thus far, and what we can all still do to help.

Meet me at the blog!

Speaking of blogs....
It is my great pleasure and satisfaction to announce that the combined blogs I have created for Pearlington since the storm have now exceeded 20,000 hits! More than 30,000 pages have been read and it has turned out to be, with your continuous support, a remarkable tool for cooperation, action, information and inspiration.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for caring.

Final item....
It seems some who read this blog aren’t aware there is a mailing list I maintain. It not only informs you of new postings to the Pearlington and the Sharing Pearlington blogs, but also allows me to put out Calls to Action and other materials I may not want to go public with tight away, or information only for the volunteers.

Click on the button to the right if you are not yet on the list and I will make sure you get on it right away.

Everyone keep rocking!
Canada Jon


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