Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Live from Pearlington - July 5, 2006

It's raining in Pearlington. Hard. And that makes mud. And Mississippi Mud is like brownies, with straw in them. We could probably build houses out of it.


Today you will find two new .pdf format files listed to the right. The first is a Current Needs List for the Pearl*Mart, as at July 5, 2006. The second is a Material Needs List, current to the same date.

Tomorrow is the day part of the school is to be demolished. Like all good volunteers, I'll truly believe it when a wall comes down. However, I did happen to find out tonight that the School Board has approved a payout to a demolition company, so it is inevitable, as I indicated earlier in the week. My heart goes out to Frank Nadell and others from Carbondale, along with young people from the Seventh Day Adventists, who slaved in November to gut and clean out the very rooms that are coming down. Please know Frank, that those little bench chairs are still being used (recently, in the new air-conditioned Pearlington Cafe) and the storage area you made for us was used right up until today.

Thank you Frank, for your dedication, vision and hard work. It's not over until it's over and certain things are afoot....

Three cheers to David and Patty Baldwin, the group working out of the Southern Baptist Church. They continue to rock and currently have 17 volunteers from Fayetteville, GA and 20 from Memphis, TN. Next week, a group of 100 come into town from Jasper, GA. The Baldwins recently attracted Larry and Marilyn Daggett from Vicksburg, MS. Larry stayed long enough to shoot 80+ free elevations for residents, so they could get their permits before July 1.

Tomorrow, I hope to post all the information about the Volunteer Reunion on August 26th here in Pearlington. Stay tuned and start warming up your wings....or engines....or whatever.

That is, if I don't get carried off by the mosquitos, that will surely be the consequence of this rain.


At Wednesday, 05 July, 2006, Anonymous Jeanne said...

I, too, owe a huge debt of gratitude to those who put their hearts and hands into trying to rebuild Charles B. Murphy Elementary. It hurts beyond words to see the school family others have worked so hard to save, being torn down by those who never saw beyond the mere bricks and mortar.Murphy was more than a building...more than a was home for so many of us for many, many years.Throughout the year when we asked why we couldn't return, we often heard a well-known scripture quoted, "To everything there is a season..." I'd like to think positively and take some measure of comfort there, but another verse keeps coming to my mind..."Where there is no vision, the people perish". Louis Mann said, "only eyes washed by tears can see clearly ." As they tear down the walls, I can't help but wonder, "Perhaps we were the only ones who cried!" Thank you for sharing our tears!


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