Monday, July 10, 2006

Heading Home....

I am only a few minutes away from running for the plane at Gulfport/Biloxi Airport. It has been a remarkable trip and I have a great deal to share in the coming days and weeks.

I once again thanks Miss Susie Sharp for her hospitality and generosity. She has already proven her great worth as a Resource Manager on a case in Oak Harbour.

Jennifer Johnson is in town and next week will be returning with 50 volunteers to work a number of projects in the community. This morning, Jennifer introduced me to George and Margaret Ladner, two gentle and gracious residents of Pearlington. A small group of men from Amarillo, Texas were working on their house. As for Jennifer....well. Who could have known that a slim Alabama girl could kick so much construction butt!

Pearlington still needs a great deal of assistance. Please watch the blogs for updated information and requests for your assistance. I know the world at large has to some degree moved on, and it falls to us to state the case of Pearlington eloquently. Sharing ONE story, one family at a time is the most effective way to move people. Most of us cannot get our heads around the entirety of the thing.

God bless Pearlington and all who live here and come to help. My pride at being part of it all is overwhelming some days.

Please remember the Reunion and download the file to the right. Send me your registrations and send your donation to Miss Susie.

In some ways I hate to fly away again, but my life and my love await me - not to mention my entire caseload of clients wanting my time and attention. When I return to Pearlington next month, this time with my wife Marian Rose, it will be to proudly demonstrate what love can do.

God bless.
Canada Jon

Jennifer, Margaret and George outside the new Ladner home.


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