Thursday, July 27, 2006


New Phones:
The Recovery Center was able to negotiate a decent deal for cell phones for their use. The new numbers are as follows:

Laurie Spaschak: 228-342-4247
Larry Randall: 228-342-4245
Herb Ritchie: 228-342-4246

Laurie is still using her cell phone, but would prefer to do business at this new number.

School Uniforms:
Look for a new link to the right of this panel very soon. The Hancock County Board of Education has decreed this year that all students must wear uniforms. In fact, they were supposed to wear them last year, but the decision was abated because of the storm. We are working on the protocol and then will ask for your support in helping to equip the kids of Pearlington with their new threads. They have endured a great deal and have been shuffled around this year; let’s make sure they don’t stand out and have everything they need to begin school on August 14.

That’s not much time, so we are on top of it. I am awaiting a list of sizes for all the kids. Two of our most loyal volunteers at the Recovery Center: Stacy Bennett and LeeAnn Hecker, are working feverishly on this. The Dress Code is already listed on the side and I will post the sizes as soon as I get them.

Let’s get right to work on this, please!

Other thoughts about Faith:
"I prayed this morning that today would go well, that we would accomplish much and do God's work. As I kept checking in with the groups during the day, each was getting more done than I had expected. The ladies from the community showed up unexpectedly and helped in Pearl*Mart all day, and on their own came up with a project to help get uniforms and supplies for the kids who go back to school on the 14th.

A phone call came and a playground full of equipment is being donated, to arrive in a few months. A volunteer called Hobart Company (the manufacturer of the new freezer unit we can't figure out) and they want to help and will send someone to put it together for us. It rained and cooled off nicely, all the work around the camp was done when I got back from a meeting this afternoon. The whole day went without a hitch!

I think Pearlington has a direct line to God still. Whenever we gather and pray here, we are heard and answered, like nowhere I have ever seen before. We are going now to a Gospel Revival at the Southern Baptist Church, a collaboration of all the churches here in town, to say thanks and have fellowship...."
- Laurie Spaschak

"From my view, there is a phenomenon occurring in Pearlington and other parts affected by Katrina, that has not occurred before in this country, at this degree. The numbers of volunteers, the amount of resources, and the projects taken on, seems to go on unabated, even at this date, almost 11 months after Katrina made landfall on August 29th, 2005.

I believe that history is in the making, and that this effort will set the model and the example for volunteerism throughout the country for years to come."
- Tim Goodnow, Dog Soldiers

Special Note:
Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Mississippi reports that volunteers are urgently needed for the last 2 weeks of August and all of September.

Please contact Nell Nation.


At Thursday, 27 July, 2006, Anonymous Jeanne said...

Your prayers may have been answered even before you asked. I've been working on uniforms and supplies for months and have a lot handled. Let's coordinate our efforts to maximize our results.


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