Tuesday, January 30, 2007

In Honor of Bush

The picture I posted yesterday of Rev. Samuel "Bush" Burton, was one from the collection of Virginia Hart. I heard from Ms. Hart today and would like to share this with you:

"I spent time with Rev. Bush during my Red Cross deployment in Oct 2005. His death saddens me immensely. I have many, many photographs I took of him and other Pearlington residents. My website (which contains all of my Katrina photos) is located at:

www.virginiahart.com and my blog (which contains Rev. Bush's story) is


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like copies, at virginia@virginiahart.com"

I also heard from another group:

"In February 2006, a group of fifty Virginia volunteers from McLean Baptist Church of McLean, Virginia came to Mississippi to work toward Pearlington's recovery. Amid the devastation and debris, our group of ready, faithful pilgrims had the pleasure of meeting Samuel Burton. We listened to this stately gentleman recount his experiences in Hurricane Katrina. This proud and peaceful man touched us not only with his harrowing tale, but also with his keen and guiding perspective.

He chose not to be bitter, he chose not to complain. He, amid his suffering and struggle, took it all in stride....just another drum beat in the steady rhythm of life. Those of our group near him that afternoon had the pleasure of his impromptu "a capella" gospel singing. One and all, we were frozen in rapt attention that chilly afternoon as Samuel's vocal music carried us to a place far beyond the turmoil of Pearlington. The echoes of Samuel's voice still ring in our ears, and we are all comforted by the knowledge that God now has another beautiful voice in his mighty choir.

May God bless Samuel Burton and comfort his family."

And grace will lead me home,
Pete Traynham
McLean Baptist Church McLean, Virginia


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