Tuesday, September 02, 2008

News from the Ground in Pearlington

First hand news is starting to trickle in directly from the ground. Here is what I know so far:

Susie Sharp on Hwy. 90 east of Oak Harbor: 4-6" water in the house - 1 foot in the big shop;
Turtle Landing: water up to the bottom of the windows, 4-5 ft. bit deeper in the bar;
Janet and Tommy Dawson: no water;
10-12" on Jenesse Rd.
no power or phones in town; company claims everybody will be back on end of day - cell phone service sketchy at best;
Some trees down in town and in Oak Harbour, which has 8-12", yet some in Oak Harbor have electricity;
Rocky Pullman (County Supervisor) reports food truck and water and ice available in town after 12-1 p.m.;
No trees or serious debris on Interstaes or Hwy. 90 - 90, 607, I-10 and I-59 are all clear; road debris comrised of pine needles, etc. no obstructions;
604 north of town is closed for a small bridge repair near Logtown, so Hwy. 90 is the way in and out of town - 604 open in town to the Recovery Centre and beyond
No eyewitness report on condition of Pearl*Mart, but it is likely there is no or minimal water damage.

All residents are thankful for mercy shown by Gustav, yet some are saying they've had enough and will move on. We'll see; they need time to process their feelings and come to a place of better judgement-making.

Glen Locklin of One House at a Time is back in town and calling for volunteers. His house is OK but their car got drowned. Everyone made it our safely from the Recovery Centre and are commited to continue. Contact Glen at 615-496-6981 with offers of help.

More as it comes in....look soon for another update on volunteers mobilizing....

Canada Jon
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