Thursday, December 01, 2005

The Job is Done!

To all the friends and supporters, volunteers and groups who have invested so much in Pearlington:


That is, we have decided to cycle down the food and materials distribution side of things, affectionately known as the Pearl*Mart. The folks of Pearlington have had their initial relief needs met and met well. Thanks to all our consistent efforts and the crew of the FEMA Disaster Recovery Centre that located to Pearlington in Novemeber, just about everybody is off the ground and into their trailers. There are still some bugs to work out, of course, and we're on it. A decision will now be made about the future of the balance of the food and clothing still in the Pearl*Mart and that is probably best done by the residents.

All of us who spent time in Pearlington know that this effort could not have nearly been accomplished without the commitment of so many dedicated volunteers and so many faith-based organizations, community groups and private individuals; many who put their lives and careers on hold to come and help our bothers and sisters in need. We all did an outstanding job and now its time to have faith that the good people of Pearlington can take it from here.

There is still a lot we can do. This blog will now be used to share our experiences, to make connections with each other, to match resource with need and to continue to support and inspire the people of Pearlington as they rebuild their lives. For many of us, it is our Dream that we form a coalition of all the participating groups and individuals so that we might continue to have a voice and to offer assistance in the full recovery of Hancock County.

If you have a project ongoing in Pearlington or elsewhere in Hancock County; if you would like a link from this site to your own so that we all might share in your plans, please let us know and we will add it. Check the links to the right of the page to do so.

If you speak on behalf of your organization or group, or even as an individual who contributed to the recovery of Pearlington, and you find merit in the idea of a coalition to further our joint efforts in Pearlington and Hancock County - or at some time and place in the future - please click on the link also to the right of this page.

I salute you all and join you in prayer for the wonderful people of Pearlington. God bless you all and have a very Merry Christmas!

"Canada Jon" White


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