Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Situation Update - Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Things are hopping in Pearlington!

A new office is being built in the Pearl*Mart so that Laurie Spaschak can create a special space for the Resource side of things. This will house the database of what needs to be done in town and where information from the various groups working there will be fed into the system so we are all on the same page. We are very close to a centralized work order system and it is a reflection of the cooperative nature of the wonderful groups working for the restoration of Pearlington.

The new kitchen is up and running! Larry Randall and Charlie Holmes of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship have had a new well dug and the kitchen is plumbed and electrified and cookin’ food!

Joye Smith lives in Lexington, KY. A group of 50+ from Calvary Baptist Church will be in Pearlington June 3 -9th through the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. Her and her husband Jim were one of the first two signing up to come and since that time they have stayed in touch with Pearlington through this blog.

Turns out Joye is a Master Gardener. She has spearheaded a fund raiser for Pearlington and plans to bring to town with her trees, shrubs and other materials to beautify Pearlington. Working with Laurie and the Community Garden project, they have identified some public spots and private homes of seniors around town. Either the week before, or during National Garden week, a blitz will be done on these locations. It will all culminate in a big BBQ and Joye’s team will hand out seeds, gloves, trowels etc. to get Pearlington growing!

An Update from Laurie on Dakota:

“We picked up the hospital bed last Thursday and Larry Randall and David Wake delivered it to the Jordan's yesterday (Sunday)afternoon. We were a bit worried when they kept Dakota a few days longer than expected, but he came home yesterday evening and is expected to do just fine. Keep the family in your prayers....”

A plea from Sam Bailey of Pearlington:

“I am trying to find auto transportation for a Pearlington pup to go from the Pearlington area to "New Jersey-GWB area". The pup is very good-natured and likes to drive or sit back and be driven. She is approx 30 lbs., female, German Shepherd mix. She will have ALL her vacs and has her suitcase and toothbrush ready to go. She was adopted by a Presbyterian minister and his wife last weekend when they were in Bay St Louis.

If you can help us out, please call me at my home in Pearlington at 228.533.0045.”

To come in the next few days:

- a new downloadable .pdf file on the current state of the good folks of Pearlington, in light of the upcoming hurricane season - and what we can ALL do (and not do) on the ground to be supportive.

- a brand new Photo Blog, to share pictures of the storm and the rebuilding.

- a whole bunch of great ideas I’m not going to share just yet, so you’ll keep coming back to the Pearlington blog to check!!

Have a great day, Pearlington. Have a great day, wherever in the world your heart beats for those who need our help.

"Canada Jon" White


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