Thursday, October 05, 2006

Update from the Pearlington Recovery Center

Good morning, all. Laurie Spaschak sends this:

We have a new long term Office assistant to help with volunteer coordination and office management. Bob Paschal is coming in Oct 15th. He will live onsite and has been working with St. Rose De Lima DRO for the last 5 months and comes highly recommended. We have another long term volunteer coming in Oct 11th from Williamstown, Mass; her name is JoEllen and she will be taking the case management training in November and will be working with us to help with assisting the residents with many aspects of the their recovery.

We have a couple, Zeke & Debbie, who used to be with Disaster Corp that have come to stay for a while and will help with camp management and cooking. We have also had a tremendous amount of help lately from several in the community here at the Pearl*Mart: Sheila Jordan, Shirley Thompson, Rosa Jackson, Stacy Bennett, and Marty Ritter and others of the school kids as well.

Four Square Disaster Relief has closed up camp and returned home. Kudos and deep gratitude to the Elliotts for a year of fantastic contribution to the Coast!

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA) has new management - more info on that later.

Pickin’ Up the Pieces, the Amish and the Catholic Diocese are also working to rebuild homes here in Pearlington.

Glenn Locklin's church has partnered with him to take over and continue One House at A Time projects.

We have had a recent HUGE donation of insulation from Knauf. Two 18-wheelers full and it is allowing us to help over 20 families so far and still going. This was unloaded and delivered to sites with a lot of help from local folks too: Lester Dell and his boys, Toby Earle, Jimmy Smith, and Mike, Gregg and their crew from Walls of Hope.

We are looking forward to the return of Larry Charbonneau, Jennifer Johnson and other of our favorites from the past - they will be coming in this weekend.

We still have openings in November and December for any who wish to come and help.

It continues to be a successful combined effort of all groups and residents here in Pearlington!


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