Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Update #2 to: A New Call to Action

A bit more news, this coming from Frank Cloud, who has worked very hard on behalf of his neighbours in Pearlington:

Frank and Sharon had some damage to the lower level of their home. He says, "in may ways we dodged a bullet here." There is some wind damage in town, mostly flooding. Many residents still have not returned, of course, and some die-hards even rode the storm out, despite the evacuation!

Frank was struck by the reality of what happens to 2 million people or so when they are told to evacuate, when most of them had nowhere to go. He said even little truck stops had people draped over every conceivable space - in one spot 40 buses worth and hundreds of people driving. They "over-stressed" the bathrooms and there isn't a hotel room to be had "as far north as the Canadian border."

Meanwhile, volunteers are mobilizing to come and help. This just in:

"We are putting out the call to recruit a team to come and help. We had a team down there after Katrina so we have chain saws, etc if needed. As soon as you know more about the needs, let us know, We can be ready soon.
Blessings, Corrie
Bethlehem Baptist Church, Minn., MN

We have heard that Joel’s house is ok, that there is food and water at the K-Mart parking lot and that some power in Pton is back on. The weather here has slowed for a while, we've got the car running and packed....we are on our way. I will call after we get there....Bob P is videotaping our return trip and I have my camera with me as well.
Laurie Spaschak

Hi! Everyone,
We have been ready to go in with a group of MD's and RN's and are waiting to hear from the EOC. Most likely we will not be activated. Nurse Linda and Gene helped called all our previous volunteers that rotated through the clinic. Dr. Bill Gossman from Ill., Nurse Chris Arndt from Ill, DR. E. Shander from NY..are on stand by to come and help. I am also part of a group of MD's. and RN's from Mississippi. Our Miss. team is called MMAT. These are "local" MD's that are ready to respond within hours after the storm. The out-of-staters will back us up.

If you hear of any more MD's form your area that want to join our team...please let us know.
Most everyone evacuated so medically they should be ok.

Tom with Carbondale Fire Dept., [Tom Dalessandri of The Pearlington Project] who cleaned 300 plus yards of fallen trees after Katrina, will need resources for tree removal. We have to be careful again; people that have no experience with chain saws can get hurt. So let’s wait to get his assessment of needs. Just everyone hold tight....

Let's pray Hanna nor Ike comes our way. Please send names of RN's and MD's that would like to join and help...if not now in the future. We love all you precious people for helping.

Thank GOD for Canada Jon. We ALL know how much he gave - over and over - just stayed and stayed to help. He is made of Love and Steel....because he endured and is forged with fire!

Paula Buhr, RN

[Wow! Don’t ya just LOVE that woman! - CJ]


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