Monday, December 19, 2005

Things are Pumping!

What a great and speedy effort and what a great reason for such a Coalition!

Tim Goodnow, who issued an appeal only this past Friday, reports today:

“The success was 100%. As of today, 75 pumps were secured and installed for 75 new FEMA provided trailers. Approximately 40 volunteers materialized to get the job done, including a few from Pearlington. What an extraordinary effort! Take a moment to receive the acknowledgement.

Lots of people pitched in, including Eileen Powers and Julie Doten. Eileen quickly raised $120. with more to come perhaps; Doug Case from Juneau County sent some pumps Friday from Wisconsin. Dog Soldiers sent $5000 the day before. Two Presbyterian groups, Diamond Head and Gulfport, are pursuing their leads, and one contact in Diamond Head is pursuing his contacts with Hancock County and FEMA to get some leeway on the process required by FEMA to put the trailers in.

Greg Wolfe of the Baptist Fellowship of Mississippi also reports that the Cooperative University Baptist Church in Hattiesburg, MS has ordered 20 pump units to be delivered to Pearlington. They have an option of buying up to 100 more at the same price. This is the home church of Charlie Holmes, who is working with Greg in Pearlington. They are associated with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. Additionally, he adds that a $450 donation was received from an individual and is being used to buy pipe and fittings to install pumps as well.

Great work, everyone! Together, we can make a meaningful contribution. Have a great holiday season and I’ll keep you posted. Look for a concrete plan for a Coalition between Christmas and New Year’s.

Canada Jon


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