Monday, December 05, 2005

What's Happening....

  • I'm coming to Pearlington on the 21st, and look forward to volunteering in any way that's needed, but hope to get out into the community more doing home visits (doing or helping with anything that is needed).
  • Spoke with Jake (one of the shed guys) and he's planning on coming the last week of Dec. or beginning of Jan.
  • He said Conrad (other shed guy) is coming from the 10th to the 19-20th.
  • Is anyone from the group planning to be in Mississippi (or specifically Pearlington) any time from Dec. 21st up until January 16th?
  • I am working on getting more awareness to the area and hoping to convince at least one (probably public) television station that my idea of an ongoing documentary showing the original condition of the area vs. after the destruction; personal stories of it's residents and volunteers and how their lives have been affected (ups,downs, good, bad); and the progression of how lives and the gulf coast were helped to a worthwhile idea and good story and one that viewers would be interested in. But most of all that they should do it because it could make an incredible difference to that community if programs like this would be filmed/aired for the greater public to see.
Posted by Julie Doten


At Thursday, 08 December, 2005, Blogger Scott Jones (Atlanta) said...

Hi Julie, Ongoing media exposure could certainly help in all kinds of ways. Keep us posted as you formulate your plan. We (this existing body of past & present volunteers) may have some resources to offer you.


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