Thursday, February 16, 2006

Pearlington Needs List - Feb. 16, 2006

Please excuse the delay in this follow-up posting. Here in southern Ontario I am, literally and figuratively, snowed under.

The town is mostly in the rebuilding stage of it’s recovery. Many homes still need gutting, in preparation of rebuilding, and some homes are ready to start over from the shell that is left. Some insurance settlements have been made, although most people did not have flood insurance. Most of those who did, report to me that they are still awaiting final payouts. Most families did not get enough to rebuild on their own and need our help.

A note about the SBA (Small Business Administration): the SBA is offering generous loans at reasonable rates, yet some have become disaffected by the process for a number of reasons. It would seem that application and qualification for an SBA loan disqualifies the borrower automatically from other forms of assistance, whether or not they accept the SBA loan or not. Some families would much prefer to use what money they can collect to purchase some portion of, or all of, the materials required and then hope that we, as volunteers - as well as themselves and their families - can rebuild and help them avoid an additional lengthy period of further indebtedness. The SBA offers loans with up to a 30-year term. Older and elderly residents cannot see the wisdom of this in terms of what legacy they may be leaving their heirs.

In short, they need our help. If anyone has accurate and knowledgeable information on SBA, please contact me and I will post the information. In the meantime, some information may be gathered at:

SBA Fact Sheet

The Red Cross is no longer accepting applications for assistance. This and other Katrina assistance information may be had at:

Gulf Coast News


The Red Cross food service tent pulled out yesterday. H.A.N.D.S. (Helping Americans Needing Disaster Support) of Jackson, MS has supplied a field kitchen and local volunteers are being asked to come out and help with it. The Knights Of Columbus have offered to send a chef to do some training and possibly some food. The situation is critical and all we can do to help, needs now to be mobilized. Two local ladies from First Baptist Church are trying to do some feeding of volunteers, but need supplies and assistance.


• building materials of all kinds: lumber, studs, drywall, insulation
• tools, both hand and power
• the use of Bobcats, dozers, excavators, backhoes and other heavy equipment
• fill dirt and sand for lots
• sawyers (wood cutters) with chain saws
• people willing to gut and clean out houses
• qualified electricians, plumbers, carpenters, roofers etc. to lead teams

• cooks, chefs, food service workers
• bulk food for preparation, including beverages etc.
• industrial cookware and serving dishes

Any other needs, please let me know and I will post.

Next posting: who’s coming to help and who NEEDS help.

"Canada Jon" White


At Sunday, 19 February, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello everyone. First of all GOD Bless everyone effected by Katrina and Rita. No matter how you are involved,may HE continue to bless and guide us to do HIS will. I personally have been in Perlington and worked.The need is great. The items on the list are very important and need to be filled. But please let us not forget prayer for each person in need. We may not know their names,but they are GOD's children too.I thank GOD and Jesus for everything. If Rita had hit Galveston, I would not be able to help in Mississippi. So thank you FATHER and use me as your servant. So everyone who can help please do so. It does not matter how small you think your part maybe,just do it. Let GOD's will be done.
GOD Bless us all. Thank you.

GOD's Servant


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