Monday, May 15, 2006

Buster Needs Some Sheetrock....and other stuff

Remember Buster?

Jennifer Johnson, of BRICK Layers of Alabama sends this:

"Buster needs some sheetrock. I have a crew that can help his dad, Jeff Verden, hang it. But we need some sheetrock. Where can we find 68 pieces of 4 x 12 (1/2 inch, I believe) sheetrock before May 26?"

Can YOU help? If so, please contact Jennifer directly by email.

Bob Putnam writes from Pearlington:

"Yesterday (Friday) the Habitat people announced that they will not be building in Pearlington and will not be helping people who have an income below $1200.00 per month. That means just about all the elderly, who live on that fixed income called social security...."

Laurie Spaschak reports this morning:

"The visitors at Presbyterian Disaster Assistance from Philadelphia asked us to get some of the residents together for a brief meeting last night. They have been here for a few days on a research trip to find out how better to plug in their resources. It went extremely well, and I think the residents are going to step up and get involved. We stressed that they need to go to these meetings - Hancock County Long Term Recovery Meetings, Pearlington Resource Center Meetings, and any others that pertain to their future. We have offered to car pool, we have asked them to get a representative from their neighborhood if they can't make it.

The Pearlington Recovery Center and the CODRA groups are still having our meetings the same: every other Thursday now, and it will coincide with the Long Term Recovery Center meeting, so we can disseminate fresh information at the PRC meeting immediately after. We discussed shelter and evacuation issues, the grant programs that are available and the permit deadline. I also handed out a list of surveyors.

We are again going to do a Pearlington Recovery Center newsletter and post info on the radio and in the Echo. I am going to ask the Sun Herald to put a paper stand here at the PRC - if they have those metal box type things, it should be no problem. We can also use WLOX and the public radio station WQRZ. I am losing my Americorps team June 16th - 2 days before having 200 volunteers arrive - so I am without "staff" at that point! I am going to post help wanted signs and "hire" locals if I can to fill their shoes. It is time they took a greater role in their own recovery and it will make the whole entity stronger in the long run.

I have a good feeling about this tonite!"

Today is The Ides of May - halfway through the month. Let's keep things ROCKIN'

Canada Jon


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