Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Times That Try Us

There have been a couple of times in my life at which I didn’t know how I would go on; didn’t understand how God could load one man with so much pain. All of the aphorisms, all the trite sayings that are meant to bring us comfort ran through my head - and brought me no comfort at all. I was left with sheer determination and I admit there was a time or two that I was challenged to choose life.

Many of us know Jackie Acker. She’s the wonderful woman who has served so many great southern meals to the volunteers at Rev. Rawl’s First Missionary Baptist Church.

On Sunday, Mother’s Day, her daughter LaToya was killed in a car accident. The young woman was in her early 20's, had graduated with Larry and Beth Randall's son and attended CB Murphy Elementary School. Jackie only found out Monday morning.

I’ve known Jackie since the storm and I know she always finds her way through adversity. Our hearts go out to her in her pain and grief and we are called upon in faith and trust to bear with her this burden as members of the community. Jackie has little or no money left and has not made much progress getting her home back.

And, then there is Russell - the man behind New Hope Construction, the organization that is the sponsor of One House at a Time. His son was killed in an auto accident a few days ago. The funeral is in two days.

Laurie Spaschak writes: “Pray for us all. I had four people in Pearl*Mart today crying about one thing or another - from FEMA mistreatment to family stress to money issues, whatever. It is becoming a critical point here. As much as there is good and progress, there is equal distress. I had to take a break this afternoon. I went to Joel's house and looked at the flowers and talked for a while....”

Please pray for Jackie and Russell and their families today. They have given so much of themselves to the Pearlington community - to us - and we are grateful.

I don’t profess to know God’s Plan, but I have come to believe with all my heart that there is one. I don’t pretend to understand that I always know what’s going on, but go on it does and, in the end, we will have our answers.

Later today, I will be posting a new file available for download. It will outline what we can do to be supportive of the Pearlington community in these times that try their faith.

Canada Jon


At Tuesday, 16 May, 2006, Anonymous jeffrey s said...

So sorry to hear of your loss: as if your hands weren't already full. We send condolences from your friends in Minnesota.

At Tuesday, 16 May, 2006, Anonymous Pete Traynham from McLean Baptist Church said...

Dear Canada Jon...Can you...if you have it...post some contact information for the family and church of Jackie Acker. Our group from McLean, Virginia visited Pearlington for several days in late February and enjoyed her hospitality. We would like to express our sorrow and extend our condolences. Thank you.

At Wednesday, 17 May, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Canada Jon,
I was with the group from the Bay Area of California in April. You gave a great talk to us the Friday night before we all left.
It saddens me to hear of Jackie's loss. I too would also love to have an address or some sort of contact so we can send her our condolence. She is a great lady and I truly enjoyed meeting her.
Thank you,
Felton Presbyterian Church

At Thursday, 18 May, 2006, Anonymous Corrie Ayers, MN said...

I am saddened to hear of Jackies' loss. I remember her as she worked with her church to serve so many volunteers at her church. She always greeted us and loved my children. She gave us so much. After all she has been through this much be such a shock. We will be praying for her. If you have contact information, we would love to send her something as a family.


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