Friday, October 06, 2006

Weather or Knot....

Warren Tidwell, a young man from Alabama, has several passions: his wife and family, politics, the weather and Pearlington.

He and I have combined the last two (and who knows, maybe the first two, as well) and created a weather blog for Pearlington.

On this site, Warren will dispense what has always been for me balanced, thoughtful, non-alarmist trend prediction concerning storms brewing in the world that might threaten Pearlington.

It will be informative, instructional and timely.

Please visit Warren's Weather Wisdom at:

Your comments would be appreciated and may be posted on the site itself. I have also added a link to the right for your convenience.

Please also note that Laurie Spaschak has sent an updated Current Needs List for the Pearl*Mart, which is available at:

I have also updated the standing link to the right, under "Downloadable .pdf Files"

Have a great weekend, all!

"Canada Jon"


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