Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Update #3 to: A New Call to Action

Here is the latest from Pearlington:

Tom reported very few trees down-mostly limbs. The Fire Department in Pearlington had approx. 4-5 feet of water in their station. A shelter is set up in Kiln. Boil water notices are in effect for Adams, Franklin, Wilkinson, Harrison and Hancock counties. The National Guard is in Pearlington. Power is being restored in Pearlington. Water is receding. Ben Taylor got a minimum amount of water in his home. The Dawsey’s are fine.
The Pearlington Project via Vern Holmes, Carbondale, CO

PDA is back at our headquarters in Gulfport and as soon as we can get permission to get in we'll be rebuilding the camp. Right now the dining tent and individual tents are either in storage or windblown. A lot of them can be salvaged we think. The village manager is back living on the site already.
Jane Els, Presbyterian Disaster Assistance

David and I are "on the long string" for disaster relief with The Salvation Army. The Carolina Division is holding off our units until we know that Hanna will not hit here. We're working on stocking the trailer. The canteen is ready to go. Our team has their bags packed. Now.....we wait. I talked with Beth Randall on the phone. She asked if we were coming. I told her, as I tell you now, as soon as these hurricanes quit coming in, we will be back to P'ton to rebuild again.

As I read your update on Suzie, I thought of the days we spent redoing her house before. We will be back. Seven months is not enough. Please ask P'toners about Pat and Harry Wilson and Miss Lillie and keep us updated.
David and MaryLena Anderegg

Mom and Dad were so, so fortunate. After hearing early in the day Monday that there was a very good chance that they would have water in their house, we found out late Monday evening that they were spared. They had about a foot and a half of water in the "unattached" garage, but that was all. My sister across the street remained high and dry this go around.

Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do. I'll tell you, I thought I had dealt with the losses brought by Katrina. I really thought that I had. Then, as the track of Gustav became clear, I found myself an absolute wreck. It felt like it was the day after Katrina - even before the storm hit.

My heart goes out to those who were not spared, but my soul rejoices in those angels who continue to spread hope....you, Jennifer Johnson, and countless others. Flood-ravaged homes can be repaired or rebuilt. Broken spirits and the death of hope cannot. Hope has never, ever died in Pearlington.... Thank you so very much.
Claudia Park,Shreveport, LA Daughter of George and Margaret Ladner

The current condition of things in Pearlington is the electricity is coming back on as I write this, 4:30 pm Tuesday, with 100 homes having been flooded. Cindy Diaz will be one of them, as her neighborhood still had water receding this morning. We will be adding chain saws and shovels to our tool list. some homes have trees on them, and all those with water, also got mud, hence the shovels.

9 men from a NY team will be joining the Dog Soldiers on the ground in Pearlington, MS. They fly in Thursday, rent a van in New Orleans, and drive to a place they have never been before.
Tim Goodnow, The Dog Soldiers

"We got the floor mopped and we are in the house tonight. The power is on here, but not yet everywhere in town. I’m not unloading another thing from the truck ‘cause we is pooped!"
Susie Sharp


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