Monday, February 20, 2006

Holly's Library Revisited

It started as the Dream of a little girl. It was simple. Why can’t Pearlington have its library back? It was such a focal point for everyone who cared about books and learning and adventure. It didn’t seem outside the realm of what was possible and if a young girl’s Dream can’t come true, then what hope was there for the whole town?

In the end, it took very little to motivate others to help. Conrad Velasco, the Dog Soldiers, Eileen Powers from Canada and other volunteers made it happen. They made it special and painted it with a very special sign:

Holly’s Library.

As Holly and her family struggle to get their lives back in order and as volunteers work to restore their home, Holly wonders what will become of her library. In the end, it is overlooked in the corner of the school property and other kids tried to steal her Dream by complaining that Holly got something they didn’t. The books inside are all packed up, hoping someone will move the shed over in front of the Pearl*Mart, where people can see it and use it. It will need a forklift or a few good men. Holly is still willing to be it’s librarian.

I have a bigger Dream. I understand there is a donated bookmobile sitting unused in Bay St. Louis, for the lack of money to pay a driver or insurance on the vehicle. I know others are working on solutions for the award-winning library that used to be at the school in Pearlington. My Dream is that we all can work together to find a solution, to create our way out of this in the same way we’ve created our way out of other challenges.

Meanwhile, Holly struggles to keep the faith. Last week her older sister was seriously injured in a car accident on the interstate. Her mother Sue has had to move Sheree to family in Mandeville, because the FEMA trailer will not work for her. She has a broken collarbone, two cracks in her pelvis, a damaged disk in her back and a bruised lung. Her father Ben keeps holding the fort in Pearlington, caring for Holly, working at his job and praying for an end in sight. I know Ben; he cares as much for each of his neighbours as he cares for his own family. He is deeply and very personally moved by all who have come to help.

Talk to me, folks. What can we do about this library situation? Let’s use Holly’s Library as a symbol of hope and faith in a town that desperately needs to believe in miracles.

Personally, I don’t believe in miracles. I COUNT on them....



At Tuesday, 21 February, 2006, Anonymous PureCajunRock said...

Hollies Library is a symbol of Hope and Faith!
It made me smile, when I saw it for myself.
I wish I could do more for Pearlington! I will be out of town for 8 days, but be back home after that. If there is anything I can do , let me know
Peace and Love

At Thursday, 23 February, 2006, Blogger Leslie said...

This is the original article re: the bookmobile.

Maybe contact the ones who donated it for possible solutions on getting insurance or pay to have someone tow it to P-ton.



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