Thursday, May 18, 2006

Jackie's Address....and other things....

For those wishing to send a note of condolence to Jackie Acker, her address is: P.O. Box 891 , 16265 Third Street, Pearlington, MS 39572

The funeral is Saturday. We will let you know the time, when it becomes known. Mary Wityshyn from PDA went to see her yesterday and Laurie Spaschak will check on her today. Laurie writes:

"She is holding up on the surface and insists she will be back to work at the kitchen next week. She has God with her and I hope that through all our prayers she will be able to get past this and go on. We have a collection jar at Pearl*Mart for her, as she had no insurance to help with the burial and we are giving donations to her directly. There will be food after the funeral at the Missionary Baptist (Rev. Rawl’s Church) and we are working on bringing a few dishes as well. I am going to try to get out and get her a live rose bush instead of funeral flowers so she will have something living to enjoy. She is still in a trailer but will perhaps have a place outside to put it."

Donations could be sent to her c/o Laurie Spaschak, Pearlington Resource Center, 6098 First Street, Pearlington, MS 39572. God bless you, Jackie.
I would like to welcome CAN-DO to our family of Disaster Relief Agencies operating in Pearlington. A link to their exceptional web site is listed to the right on this panel. Welcome Eric Klein and his local representative, Bob Putnam. I have spoken at length with Eric and we are very much on the same page as to how a charitable organization should be transparent and accountable. Bob I know well and he works tirelessly for the good of Pearlington.
Update on Pattie, the Delaware Dog:

Sam Bailey writes:
"I would like to thank everyone who offered transportation assistance to Pattie, since she is wayyy too young to drive.

Sara and Harold Carter and Cyber came down from Hattiesburg on Friday and met Pattie. They have provided her a seat in their van next to Cyber, their pup, for a ride just south of Dover, Del. Pattie got to spend her first night in a real hotel. I heard through the grapevine that Cyber took Pattie for a ride in some of the hotel's elevators. Many thanks to Cyber for getting his parents to provide transportation."

Additionally, Sam has been working on some other things:

"For the dogs: I have contacted a company who want to help me and the Pearlington animal community. They will provide special pricing for the following chain link kennel panels which are described as follows:
-plain panel, 12-1/2 gauge, galvanized chain link wire, 6 ft x 6 ft= $30;
-gate panel, 12-1/2 gauge, galvanized chain link wire, 6 ft x 6 ft= $50
Pricing is delivered (FOB) Pearlington.
Any questions, please contact Sam Bailey 228-533-0045 or
email me. If responding by email, please put "Dog Kennel Panels" in subject line, to identify from spam."
Bob Putnam informs us:

"The Army Corps of Engineers is finishing up the R.O.E. requests and, as of May 30th will not be picking up any more debris from the rights of way (roadsides). I talked with the Liaison Officer and he thinks they will be around until the end of the year. I called Chris LaGarde, an aide for Sen. Gene Taylor, and he confirmed this but also said that he was trying to get answers for the remainder of the debris. The county hasn't condemned any property as of yet. When they do, I think the law says they have to publish condemned property in newspapers for 45 days before they can actually be razed. That may be for abandoned property. This worries me because the state and county can't afford to pay for debris removal and there is really no place to haul it away. It would seem that the Corps is being paid $75,000 a day for Hancock County and they haven't touched any of the road drainage ditches or plugged culverts."

"It appears Beautify Pearlington Week will be a time I would not want to miss. I have prayed for the success of our visit there and also individually for the residents, as I have read their stories. Thanks for the wonderful information on the pdf. files. I have passed it on to the leaders of our group - especially the most recent info on how to support the people there. Something we should all consider!

I do have several boxes filled with small garden tools and gloves to give to those who need them still. Other needs can be taken care of after our arrival. It appears our garden club donations will be between $1000 and $1200. I realize this is just a "drop in the bucket," as we say in the south, but I have to keep reminding myself - IT IS, AT LEAST, A DROP!!! Maybe more will come in unexpectedly! The power of prayer, you know!"

Joye Smith
Calvary Baptist Church, Lexington, Kentucky

I have written before of Susie Sharp of Pearlington. In a week of challenge and tragedy, she sends me this:

"One of the guys working here on the property got a phone call from his daughter last night to tell him that his wife has a mass in her brain. I will be bringing him to the airport this afternoon to fly home. Thank God for frequent flyer miles and that I have some."

Yet another example of Susie’s generosity. We wish her friend all the best and pray for his wife.


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