Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Moving Finger Writes....

Few in Pearlington have been so dedicated as former head teacher at Charles B. Murphy school, Jeanne Brooks. Jeanne needs our help.

She sends this:

"If possible could you put out a request for some help here at the "new and improved" school site? KaBoom is putting in a badly needed playground here on October 28th and we need some help. The 26th and 27th are prep days and the 28th is the actual install. If there are any volunteers in Pearlington that week that would like to help, we would be so grateful! I'll give you more information if you need it, but you can use my email address or the number here at the school for a contact. Thanks so much!"

228 467-4655

Let’s help Jeannie and KaBoom get ‘er done!

Another dedicated resident of Pearlington is Dallas Trammel. Dallas provided me with much needed community support back in the fall of last year, when I was managing the Recovery Center. Her willingness and hard work were invaluable. This year, she has been volunteering at the Presbyterian Disaster Assistance Camp and has proven to be just as invaluable there. She is well-respected by the Volunteer Community in Pearlington and has asked for very little in return.

Charles Holmes, the esteemed leader of Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, has taken up her banner. He reports that he has been able to secure a significant amount of material for her rebuild and has applied for grants on her behalf. "The material I purchased should get all walls standing, A shingled roof, and because of a donation of material I THINK will be forthcoming, we can insulate the house. I can still use electrical, plumbing, material.... Cross your fingers, talk to the MAN, lets "git-er-done."

If you can assist in any way in getting Dallas and her family back in their home, please contact Charlie Holmes at:


Today you will find a new link located on the right panel. It is to a great web site built and managed by Kathleen Johnson, that shares some excellent information about the local county and state big picture concerning Katrina recovery. I encourage all to check it out frequently.

Kathleen’s site is located here.

On October 19, the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, the Mississippi Center for Justice, and the Mississippi Center for Legal Services will be conducting a community workshop to provide free on-site legal assistance to Hurricane Katrina survivors. The workshop will be held in the Mississippi Center for Justice Building at 974 Division Street, Biloxi, MS from 4:00-7:00 pm and will cover a multitude of issues facing survivors, such as filing a FEMA appeal, landlord-tenant disputes, insurance claims, housing vouchers, home repair, and mortgage forbearance and foreclosure.

Volunteer attorneys will be present at the workshop to answer any questions participants may have through one-on-one consultations. Participants are encouraged to ask any disaster relief-related questions at the workshop and should bring all paperwork related to their questions, including identification, letters from FEMA, lender information, insurance documents, Social Security information, total household annual income, current address, pre-hurricane address, personal contact information, description of losses as a result of the disaster, lease agreements, and rent receipts. Please e-mail me here for a copy of the flyer and directions to the Mississippi Center for Justice Biloxi office. You may also contact Denise Antoine at (228) 435-7284 if you have any questions, at:

(228) 435-7285 - Fax

Last, and by no means least, Brittany Overbeck sends this, as spokeswoman for the newest member of C.O.D.R.A.:

"Our team was honored to work in Pearlington in April, through the Presbyterian Disaster Assistance program. All told, we worked on 4 or 5 different homes that week, mucking out and hanging drywall. We all felt like we left a part of ourselves in Pearlington.

Since being home we have continued to send items and gift cards to people in Pearlington, written articles for our local papers, given talks about our experience to church and school groups, and are planning on returning in December to "continue the journey". We are constantly coming into contact with people who know about Pearlington, have been there or have heard of the struggles of this amazing town.

We know that God is doing amazing work in Pearlington and are privileged and humbled to be a small part of that work. We strive to keep Pearlington in the forefront of our minds and hearts in the coming years."

Everyone, have a great week!


At Monday, 23 October, 2006, Blogger survivor said...

God Bless this youth group. They gutted out my mobile home for me. They were a great bunch of young men and women. And a few a little older were with them ! I still keep in touch with a few of them. They worked so hard, and it was so hot. I hope I get to see them if any of the one's I know are coming back in Dec. The last day they came to work here they bought my dog a stuffed monkey toy, he loves it. That was so sweet of them. With much gratitude and love, Pat Cameron.
God Bless you all....


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