Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Newest Member of C.O.D.R.A.

It is with pleasure that I introduce to you the newest addition to the C.O.D.R.A. Family: First Baptist Church of Livingston, TN.

Colleen Richardson sends this moving story:

"First Baptist Church Livingston, TN completed their FIRST Work Trip the week of October 9-14, but that was not the beginning and it will not be the end.

The Lord led eight women from the Women’s Missionary Union of Livingston FBC to Mississippi on a short mission trip in April 2006. He had hidden His agenda from them, but by faith they went, knowing little more than they would deliver clothing to a group of teachers in a Gulf Coast town. The story of this trip is wonderfully long, but the most important fact was that the Lord was in charge and revealed much in the journey. The women spent one morning assisting in the Pearlington Recovery Center, known as the Pearl-Mart where food, clothing, and household supplies are free to those in need. The women were overwhelmed with the devastation they saw, but were uplifted by the atmosphere of love and compassion. With volunteers from all over the country they were humbled to be served a free lunch at the Missionary Baptist Church.

Beginning with an "Unmentionables Shower" the Lord began providing for needs through them. The church approved the monies to purchase enough electrical supplies for five homes. These supplies were delivered to Pearlington First Southern Baptist Church for distribution. Upon their arrival the four men, who delivered the supplies, were informed that there were homes ready for electrical installation immediately. The Lord is The Great planner!

During the summer, plans began to shape up for an October work trip with the assistance of Jennifer Johnson, of Huntsville,AL. Jennifer was invaluable in her guidance and experience in working in Pearlington. She encouraged us to make a visit to Pearlington before the actual work week. We chose a week-end when Jennifer and the BRICK LAYERS were also in town. Jennifer put us in contact with Laurie Spaschak of the Pearlington Recovery Center and David and Patti Baldwin coordinators at the First Southern Baptist Church Pearlington. All were ready to assist us any way.

Arriving in Pearlington, our advance group was once more struck by the recovery needs still so apparent even after one year since Katrina hit. The volunteers we met were inspiring and dedicated, we were more sure than ever that God was doing a mighty work here and we wanted to be a part of it.

Jennifer introduced us to two Pearlington residents, Charles Acker and Rosa Jackson. Both had lost much and were just beginning to restore their homes. We got to know them and they told us their plans. We committed ourselves toward the restoration of these homes.
The FBC work team of 19 men, women and youth arrived one month later and amazed even themselves with the work accomplished, but on our last day, "if only we had one more day", was heard often. We wanted and were committed to do more!

Charles and Rosa are now our family. We talk to them often and are excited that the construction continues by many others. We pray for their needs and our continued part in their plans. We rejoiced to hear that Charles’ exterior siding is completed and his kitchen cabinets have arrived. Rosa is coming to visit us in Livingston for the week-end and we are planning a family reunion. We will return to Pearlington early in 2007 to continue the work. God is a working in many ways in Pearlington.

"For every house is built by someone, but God is the builder of everything." [Hebrews 3:4.}

I encourage you to join with God in this work, you will be blessed!"

Check out FBC Livingston at:


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