Tuesday, February 21, 2006

A Quick Situation Update - Feb. 21, 2006

Thank you for all your responses about Holly’s Library and the library situation in general. I am still weighing the information and awaiting some more, so that I can get a full picture of the situation and the possible solutions. I’ll keep you all informed in the next few days.

Concerning the food situation in Pearlington:

The outstanding folks at H.A.N.D.S. of Jackson, MS have donated something of a mobile kitchen, but it can only be on loan until March 26. Greg Wolfe, Disaster Recovery Director of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Mississippi, is working on a more permanent solution. The National Guard is even threatening to provide a solution, but - like Greg - I don’t believe a kitchen is coming until I’ve had my first meal out of it. Faith, like government promises, does have its limits. In the meantime, Greg could immediately use some large stock pots and other institutional- sized cooking utensils, to get the job done.

Greg will gratefully accept any cooking utensils and cooking equipment on behalf of his group. It will be used in Pearlington until that job is done, then stored for the next area of need.

Two ladies from the First Mississippi Baptist Church in Pearlington (names currently unknown to me) are doing their best also, to feed LUNCH (only) to volunteers. They need CANNED MEATS and other appropriate lunch-type foods as soon as possible. Anything sent to the Distribution Center (the “Pearl*Mart”) and labelled: “For Greg Wolfe - First Baptist Church Food” he will ensure they get to the right women.

The remaining shower unit located at the school is scheduled to depart at the end of February. Once again, Greg Wolfe has committed to sponsoring it for two more weeks, but a more permanent solution is needed. Greg and the Baptists are trying to get at building one, but they have a lot of other things on their plate. Anything anyone can do to help them in this effort would be gratefully appreciated. If you need to contact Greg, please let me know.

The toilets located on site are remaining for now.

Three cheers for Greg Wolfe and Charlie Holmes of CBF. In the true spirit of our Coalition they are taking some real leadership on the ground in Pearlington and thank God they are there!



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