Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Update - March 1, 2006

Tom Dalessandri - Town of Carbondale/Disaster Relief in Pearlington:

“The Carbondale trip is set to go. The church of Redstone group including Police Chief Gene Schilling and Assist. Fire Chief Carl Smith, their wives and several others will be heading for Pearlington on March 3rd. They will arrive on Sat. as will CRMS. The church will be driving and bringing with them the tools from CRMS.

I will arrive on Sunday to help coordinate the group projects.

The plan at this point is to work on Ben & Sue Taylor's, Debbie Sonnier's, the Marshall's and the cemetery. CRMS students will be divided into groups and will work in teams at various residences. Projects include helping with sheet rock, removing nails and screws from stripped walls, debris removal, cleaning out homes and the Cemetery grounds work. Jon White (Canada Jon) has hooked me up with some heavy equipment to help in relocating the tombs displaced by the storm.”

Thanks, Carbondale and colleagues, for all your great work!

Jim Merritt of South Carolina, who has made several work trips to Pearlington, posts the following:

“I have met with several of the teams over the last few months and saw a need to organize in order to make any logical progress. Being a General Contractor and past Architect there is much that I can see needs completed. We are dedicated to help in any way we can. I currently am in the process of getting my general contractors license in Mississippi and am more than willing to use it in any way I can without charge. I am also willing to design small homes for free and pull permits on them for the teams.”

Thanks, Jim and Susie for your willingness and efforts!


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