Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Urgent Plea for Local Volunteers

Intelligence today from the ground in Pearlington indicates a big problem in the provision of meals for many of the groups of visiting volunteers. I would like all who view this posting to be in touch with their local contacts in Pearlington to help resolve this serious issue.

As you know, it will become increasingly difficult to ask groups of volunteers to come to Pearlington to rebuild, if we are unable to feed them on site.

All of the resources necessary to do so are present, with the exception of a corps of local volunteers - or otherwise - committed to providing labor at the "chuck wagon" being operated by Cooperative Baptist Fellowship.

I am aware that the residents have a lot on their plate, however our ability to assist them in their rebuilding is severely hampered - both in time and money - if the volunteers have to leave to find food. It is also using up financial resources we would rather devote to drywall and lumber, etc.

Please help in any way you can. Contact Greg Wolfe of CBM and he will tell you what is needed. His local number is: 601-519-2785.

Thank you for your continuing committment to the restoration of Pearlington.

Canada Jon White


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