Friday, September 05, 2008

A Call to Action: What YOU Can Do

Yesterday, I had a lengthy conference call with key C.O.D.R.A. members and other experts concerning the appropriate response for volunteers in the wake of Hurricane Gustav.

I have also been made aware of many groups who are willing to be deployed and are awaiting some information and direction on how, when and where they can be most effective.

Gustav was different than Katrina and so must be our response. Co-ordination of effort is key, as there is work to be done to clean up and, in fact, still much work to be done as a lingering consequence of Katrina. The people of Pearlington - and this is critical - need to know that our attention and willingness has not been blunted by time and that this new challenge will spur as back into action, back to their support and that we do, indeed, continue to care.
To this end, then, volunteers are badly needed in Pearlington.

Therefore, C.O.D.R.A. has appointed Tom Dalessandri of The Pearlington Project as leader and Co-ordinator for our response to Gustav. Anyone who knows Tom would understand this obvious choice. Aside from a solid, ongoing commitment to Pearlington, Tom and his teams have made an enormous contribution since the day Katrina blew out of town. He is a man of integrity, leadership, honesty and straight-shooting "Git ‘er done" attitude. Tom was on holidays with his family in the Gulf Coast area when Gustav came to town, and has been on the scene every day since. I trust no one in Pearlington more than Tom. His credentials as a law officer, First Responder, teacher and emergency planner are impeccable.

I am inviting all the groups who have so wonderfully contacted me with offers to help to be in touch with Tom immediately.

He will coordinate your deployment, assign you tasks and projects that are congruent with your group’s mission and help get the job of healing Pearlington done ONCE AND FOR ALL!

If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.

Tom Dalessandri can be reached in the following ways:


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