Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Library Revisted....Again....

After a ton of research and a flurry of emails, I think I have the Library thing figured out.

Originally, the Library at the Charles B. Murphy E.S. in Pearlington was a joint-use library that fell under the administration of both the school board and the county library board. It seems that each owned some portions of both the fixtures and materials within; the exact split is not important, nor is it even publicly known. What is important, is understanding that any decisions made about or on behalf of the library at CBM requires engaging both boards and is not something that will be easily resolved.

The bookmobile that is languishing in Bay St. Louis is allegedly being painted and, when staff is found for it, will be in operation this summer. However, the local skinny is that there are a couple of other county “jewels” in the library crown that are more likely to see regular service from it, than is Pearlington.

I suggest we leave this particular bookmobile to the county to sort out, as we have bigger fish to fry.

Secondly, Save the Children is planning to bring a bookmobile to Pearlington, in concert with the school and with their Summer Reading Program which has been very successful in the past. This divorces their initiative from that whole “joint use” issue and the perils contained therein. In the meantime, Jeanne Brooks reports that she has facilitated the creation of something of a library where her school is currently located in Kiln. The photos at the top are from that site.

Jeanne (and the county) has made it clear in a number of ways that they need NO MORE BOOKS. There is a space issue and it is specific titles that the school will be requesting from Save the Children, to support their age-appropriate reading program. Jeanne Brooks reports:

“The school ‘library’ is actually coming along ok. I've worked and worked to sort through boxes of donations, label, card, and try to tie books to our specialized reading programs despite the fact that I'm working strictly with donations and that I have very little space....”

In conclusion, I think that we should just let events unfold, for now, as they seem to be unfolding. If anything changes, I will know immediately and will let you know. The county is accepting no more books at this time. This can be evidenced at their web site.

Thank you for the outpouring of support, suggestions and offers to help. This story is still evolving and there may be a call for us to serve in this department soon. If you have any questions please contact me.



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