Wednesday, March 15, 2006

More great work by Carbondale!

The following was received from Tom Dalessandri of the Carbondale/Katrina Relief organization, concerning the results of their trip to Pearlington last week:

"I visited Raymond and Cindy Diaz on Wed. They had not done a lot with their home but Raymond was down the street helping others. As you may recall, he is significantly disabled and should not be over extending himself but is doing so anyway. Our CRMS students cleaned out his lower level home and then went next door to a single story home to do the same. That home had not been touched since the storm and the folks are not returning. Raymond is trying to get it back in shape for his mother in law. Students did an excellent job in both homes.

Anything anyone can do to help the Diaz family, would be greatly appreciated by all.

While we were there, a Sun Herald Reporter came by taking pictures. He told us that on Tuesday night the Hancock Co. board basically voted to condemn any homes under eight feet in elevation regardless of condition:

Check out the article here....

This effectively would require demolition of most of the Oak Harbor subdivision.

We purchased about $2000 in supplies along with what we brought down. We are doing flooring, hanging doors, putting in tub and toilet and fixtures in Debbie Sonnier's place today. Our drywall crew has been working on Ben Taylor’s all week. We also have been working on Clem Bazier (next to Lena's), we cleared away debris at the Marshalls and our CRMS students basically worked with finishing drywallers to complete interior finishing. The Church of Redstone helped Pastor Fields at his home which again hadn't been touched.

We supplied electrical materials and dry wall to Clyde and Sharon Lasier, and we helped families along the west Pearl River, where flooding continues to be a problem due to the river backing up with debris. Several other projects also but too much to mention here. In all, it’s been a very productive and successful week thanks to CRMS and the Church of Redstone group. Next planned trip is end of March. I will be working to coordinate these next projects.

Greetings to all,

If anyone can shed additional, factual light on the height restriction issue, please notify me and I will post it after verification.



At Wednesday, 22 March, 2006, Anonymous Kelly said...


Way to go!!! Thank you for everything you and your town are doing for Pearlington!! My name's Kelly and I'm a teacher from PA. Our elementary school adopted Charles B. Murphy this year and we have developed such a bond with them and Jeanne Brooks. My heart aches for all of Pearlington. I hope that over the summer, I will be able to travel to Pearlington to lend a hand. There are so many good people doing wonderful things. Please tell our friends in Pearlington they are in our prayers and thoughts every day!!
Thank you!!



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