Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Service with a Smile!

We are pleased to welcome two more new members to the C.O.D.R.A. family of those working to rebuild Pearlington, MS.

Corrie Ayers, her family and colleagues from Minnesota are readying themselves for another trip and sends this:

"We are leaving on Saturday 18 November from our church parking lot at 6:30 AM. All are very excited about this trip. Check the blog site during Thanksgiving week for updates as we have time. I hope to put some of the kids writings on the blog site. We don't really have a name for our group. Our t-shirts have the slogan ‘The Ministry of Walking Alongside.’

Otherwise we are just a team of families looking to serve the Lord.

Have a thankful Thanksgiving."

The blog to which Corrie refers is located at....

....and is now a permanent link to this site. Thanks, Corrie et al.

The second new member is Beverly Brown and the folks from Frazer United Methodist Church in Montgomery, AL. Beverly writes:

"We have been working with Larry Randall since February at the Recovery Center. We came down the 23rd. Then again in July. We are currently helping to sponsor and work on Josephine Ackers house on 8th street. We will be down again in November to help."

Beverly is also Emergency Services Director for American Red Cross of Central Alabama. You can check out their work in Pearlington at:

Men, Friends and Family,

A Thanksgiving team is gearing up to go to Pearlington to work and share Thanksgiving with the people of Mississippi. Men (and women?) going to "give" during Thanksgiving. Our circle will include volunteers from around the country, demonstrating what "commitment before ego" looks like.

They will learn from our circle how men do work together. Circling up around large fires at night, sharing our lessons and insights, recognizing our accomplishments, initiating honorary Dog Soldiers, and celebrating. Many of the other volunteer group’s members have already asked if they can be part of our trip. We will be eating together in the mess tent at the Elementary School, and staying on-site too.

If this stirs you, call me. There will be a lasting and indelible mark left on your soul; having given yourself to others, especially when there are a myriad of options for you when staying right here/home, and a million reasons not to go do something away from family and friends.

Thank you, Tim Goodnow

Folks: If you are as yet unfamiliar with Tim Goodnow and his remarkable organization, treat yourself to their web site located at:

You’ll be glad you did!


At Wednesday, 15 November, 2006, Blogger judyb said...

There aren't enough thanks in the world for the wonderful, unselfish work you are all doing.

With gratitude from Pearlington's neighbor to the west, Slidell, LA.


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